Self confidence

Just like every girl, I myself have had issues with self esteem and confidence over the years. A year ago, you would not see me leave my house on a normal day with my peers without make up on. It just didn’t happen. I had fixed hair, makeup, and sometimes nice outfits too. But I didn’t do it to make myself feel good, I did it to keep from feeling bad. Sure at times it made me feel prettier and nicer. But I felt untrue to myself. I felt the makeup making my skin break out and less healthy. But still, again I continued each morning. One day I can’t even say when or how, because I have no idea I can’t even remember…but I decided I valued myself more than that. I didn’t care what others thought. I would dress and look how I wanted. I would wear makeup only if I wanted for me. My skin became much more hydrated and healthy and I gained more confidence. Then as the next year rolled around, many of my friends began to say just how much they liked my face better make up free than with makeup. They admired my skin care and it made me feel really really good. So today if you see me wearing makeup, it is because I felt like it. It is minimal amounts, and my face and attitude is healthy. I am happy and natural. So today to gain your confidence step out of your box, of your comfort zone and have fun. Enjoy your look and be yourself. Be someone you can be proud of.

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