Why I chose to be an anonymous blogger

When I first made my blog I was excited because I was aware that words and motivation is one of my strong points. But I was also worried. I was worried about what to write, about what others around me thought, and if it would be successful or not. When I was unsure of what I’d put on my blog I went to my faith. That seemed to work well but soon I began to question what others thought again. I figured if people knew I spoke out about faith and didn’t regularly attend church every Sunday or didn’t go to church conferences or have a bible class group I went to often that they would think of it as untrue and lies and pointless. Which is not true. I have learned that I can talk to God no matter where I am and he will always follow me. I have learned that I can study and gain knowledge with myself, the internet, others and my bible to make my faith grow. I enjoy church very much but sometimes it isn’t possible for me to be there for reasons I wished not to share with others. So I decided I would share my motivational to help others no matter what. But I decided I would do it so it was anonymous to help my point. One day I will share my story with my friends, neighbors, and family. But for today I will enjoy sharing it with people who do not need to know me, they just need to know my faith and my experiences with Christ.

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