My life update

I’ve been a little behind here lately and I apologize. There’s been some crazy things going on in my life and God has still continued to work wonders. So I’d like to share will y’all my experiences.

I’ve always heard time and time again that God will answer your prayers, but in HIS timing. Not ours. So I’ve always used this example to better comprehend: if you pray for it to snow tomorrow…it WILL snow eventually. But maybe someone that same day you prayed for it to snow prayed it wouldn’t snow. There will be a day it snows and there will be a day it won’t snow. Both of your prayers will be answered. Well during our softball game a very close game I was thinking how hard we had worked and how bad we had wanted to win the game. So I decided to pray. I just asked God to let us do as he wants us to and to keep us safe and hopefully we would win. I then told another person in the dug out how I had prayed. It was the start of the seventh inning when I did this. I said ” God will answer my prayer, but in his timing. It may be the seventh inning, or it may be the ninth inning, but he will answer it!” After a long game.. we finally won. In the NINTH INNING!!! Some people may say a coincidence. But I say God is good! Now for my other event I have been comprehending that happened…

Sometimes you know you just have certain things happen and they have you feeling what do I do? What’s the right choice? Is this person toxic? Do I need them back in my life? I had lots of fun with them and being around them but it ended badly in the end. Should I get myself involved again? So as I’m trying to comprehend how to better myself without holding grudges God spoke to me. In my sprinkle of Jesus app that I love he speaks to me quite often. And these were very fitting. I will list them below.

If you lost something or someone, but you found yourself…YOU WON!

Just because you lost me as a friend doesn’t mean you gained an enemy. I’m bigger than that. I want to see you eat, just not with me.

God helps you. He provides for you. He helped me. And now I feel more at peace just knowing everything will be okay!

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