Fear is an interesting thing. Fear can make you do irrational things. Fear can make you paralyzed. Fear can make you right. Fear can make you wrong. Fear can motivate you. Fear can be good. It can be bad. So what is fear actually?

Fear- an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Positive fear:

Fear can be positive. You could be afraid of consequences so it motivates you to be more. To do better. Fear can make you want to improve yourself because you are afraid to fall short and do wrong and disappoint others. Fear can make you do amazing things because you are afraid of doing anything but less. Fear can be motivation, determination, drive, passion, love. Fear can cause many good things.

Negative fear:

Fear can be negative. Fear can make you physically and emotionally paralyzed. To where you do not know what to think, act, feel, or do. It can make you traumatized, unsure or make you have anxiety or depression. Fear can make you scared of yourself. Scared of what you have gotten into or of what you have become. Fear can ruin you. It can ruin everything you have worked towards.

How can negative fear be positive?

Fear. I think how you deal with fear and handle the way that it affects you tells if it’s good or bad. Fearing certain things, is okay and perfectly normal. But you can’t let it overtake your life. You have to be strong and push through the hard. You have to do your best and not let your fears control you. That is how you fight fear and make it positive and win.

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