Second chances

Do you give people a second chance? What if they did you wrong? What do you do?

Sometimes people deserve a second chance. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it’s hard to know when the do or don’t. I have given out second chances time after time and without hesitation easily. Sometimes I’m glad I did. But most often, I wind up being proven why they were in need of a second chance in the first place. I have always heard from people forgive and forget, just let things go. Which is what I try to do, but sometimes that is hard. I may be foolish, but I will give second chances. But you will not receive a third. I will forgive, I will let go, and usually I will forget. I may be foolish but life is to short to hold a grudge for someone’s mistakes. I try to love everyone always and if they do me wrong that is okay. Remember life’s to short to hold something. Let go. Forgive forget. And mostly love always!

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