Faith is a word that Christians hear often. We often rely on our faith. Faith is something as Christians can be hard to wrap our minds around and completely understand. So today on this Sunday, I spent my time trying to find ways to make faith easier to comprehend and how to make it fit into my life so I hope this helps you as well.

Definition of Faith:

Faith- complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Faith is having the courage to let God have control. It takes a brave person to have faith. To know that sometimes there is situations and hard times that you have absolute no control over and that all you can do is pray and have faith in God.

Faith fuels our daily decisions to make the right choices. Sometimes you have this gut feeling that you need to do things and you have faith that you’re making a good decision to follow you’re gut. We do this all the time and don’t even realize it.

Trusting God completely means that you’re having faith that he knows what is best for your life. Sometimes we want things so bad and they just aren’t meant to be. Whether it’s a relationship, a job opportunity, or the winning ticket in the contest. Sometimes it’s not meant to be and we have to have faith that God knows what’s best and that he has reasons that we do not need to know or understand sometimes and that’s okay.

Faith in God includes having faith in his timing. Sometimes in life things do not happen when we want them too. But he will answer your prayers. Maybe you’re praying for snow to fall tomorrow. But maybe someone’s praying it won’t snow that day. It’ll happen, just when he thinks is best.

Every time your faith grows, God will work miracles in your life. The more you trust in him the more he can do good for you.

Sometimes you think there isn’t a way anymore, but if you have faith God will make a way when there seems that there isn’t one.

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